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The wildest ride inside

Simnoa provides custom made content created by our own in-house production team as well as cutting edge graphic art studios that create and develop interactive 3D movies for the 4D, 5D or 7D (XD) theater, Sky Ride and Virtual Reality 360º films, using the highest cinematographic standards and advanced technology.

The Simnoa production team develops and creates movies as per our customers’ requests. Our team creates the movies from the script writing stage through to modelling, graphics, animation, rendering, sound and sound effects, in 3D and virtual reality, and for screening in 360° mode. Simnoa also has a large library of 3D films from which customers can choose.

Simnoa has an open system, which enables the use of content of ANY film from any vendor (customers are not required to get their films from Simnoa). This show programming can be done by Simnoa as a service or independently by the customer.  Please contact us for further details.

If you are interested in developing your own 3D or 360º VR film, please contact us for a price quote.