Customer Testimonials

Simnoa really went the “extra mile” to make sure our theater was spectacular!!

Joe Cytacki, VP of Programs, Life Sciences and Exhibits,
Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What clients say about us What clients say about us

Excellent Customer Service

Simnoa is a very professional technology company that provides excellent customer service. The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale selected Simnoa because of the innovative theater systems they create.

The staff at Simnoa are just fantastic to work with! The Simnoa team really listened to our concerns and questions.

Simnoa Went the Extra Mile

Working with Simnoa allowed the Museum to bring in a new, very cool and exciting 7D Theater, which was the first of its kind in Florida. The 7D Theater was a fantastic additional to the Museums new “To Fly” aviation exhibit hall.  Visitors just love the new 7D Theater experience! The 7D Theater has generated a significant amount of revenue and it will basically pay for itself in just a few years. The 7D Theater is very well designed, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and it’s very durable.

Our business is growing with Simnoa solutions.

Chu Seng Wah, Wuxi Galactic Entertainment Co. Ltd., China

What clients say about us What clients say about us

Expertise and Experience

We were looking for an established manufacturer with the relevant expertise and experience in the motion simulation technology, business operations and after-sale support. Simnoa met the criteria we were looking for and, I am happy to note that Simnoa has the ability and business network in the production of new movies for the motion simulation and VR industries. This is a bonus strength of the business relationship we have with Simnoa.


A Dynamic Company

Simnoa has a very professional approach and attitude towards the motion simulation and VR business. Their team of professional engineers and customer support staff have given my company life support whenever we face any technical issues, regardless of the hour of the day!

Simnoa is a dynamic and evolving company in the industry and can produce and source new movies. They have the expertise and know-how of the latest technology and timely production of the products, as well as a supportive customer care service, which makes my company look forward to future attractions.

Delighting our Customers

Simnoa provided me with a complete installation of the motion simulation we were looking for and, in addition, assisted my company in enhancing our motion simulation business into the Virtual Reality world by introducing the relevant movies and technical know-how from the VR world. We are now operating both the motion simulation and VR attractions simultaneously.

Our customers are delighted with the new attractions, from motion simulation to VR and new movies at a regular frequency. We have many repeat customers in China and in South East Asia.

Customer response has been very satisfactory, not only with respect to Simnoa chairs but throughout our facility.

Albert Grau, Director Gerent, Gaudí Experiència, Barcelona, Spain

What clients say about us What clients say about us

Attracting Audiences

We wanted to create a tourist attraction for visitors to Barcelona. Thanks to Simnoa technology we have attracted audiences of all ages, languages and cultures who are interested in Antoni Gaudí. We chose Simnoa because the chairs that they offered us seemed very versatile, individual and comfortable.

A Relationship of Partners

We had very good connection [with them] and they offered solutions to our concerns.  Also the delivery was prompt. They helped support the design of the attraction and the making of the technology ran smoothly. Working with Simnoa was extremely easy. It felt like a relationship of partners and collaborators rather than suppliers.

Currently our relationship with Simnoa is excellent, especially for maintenance. The chairs are excellent, and have been working for 4 years, 365 days a year and 8 hours a day, with any issues.

Generating Excitement

It’s a new future for technology, a technology that allows you to be imaginative in finding projects that can be interesting for the public. It has been a good collaboration between “cultural-touristic” content and an audiovisual system that generates exciting feelings, and is extremely appreciated by our customers.

Customer response has been very satisfactory, not only with respect to Simnoa chairs but throughout our facility.