About us

Simnoa is a pioneer and leader in designing and manufacturing 4D, 5D and 7D solutions for the theater industry. Simnoa was founded based on 30 years of experience in the field of aeronautics of Founder and CEO Amos Yardeni. Mr. Yardeni led the prototype development center, which manufactured numerous airborne vehicle prototypes and flight simulators for the Israel Aircraft Industries. After leaving Israel Aircraft Industries, he moved into the field of motion simulation and multi-sensory complex development, planning and design that resulted in the establishment of Simnoa technologies in 2004.

Over the years, Simnoa has gathered extensive experience in 4D, 5D and 7D theater solutions and is positioned as one of the leading global providers of comprehensive theater solutions for various complexes, motion picture cinemas, museums, planetariums, interactive attractions, expos, edutainment centers and attractions worldwide. Simnoa has set up project world-wide in countries including Spain, India, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Korea.

Simnoa has extensive experience and know-how in creating a multi-dimensional user experiences with its cutting edge seat technology and pre-programming show experience. Simnoa’s solutions are known for their high quality, innovative design, safety and free maintenance based on years of experience in technological design.



Our Approach

Simnoa is a world leader in developing and implementing turnkey 4D, 5D and 7D effect theatres. We view ourselves as our customer’s partners in their cinema projects and we are committed to their long term satisfaction and success.

Simnoa believes that there is no such thing as a standard 4D, 5D or 7D theatre. The concept of 3D vision combined with an array of sensory cues – surround audio, motion, scents, lighting, etc. – is designed to meet a number of customer requirements: cinema hall size and location, project goal (educational or pure fun), budget and long term expectations. We place the audience in a fully immersive environment that replicates many “real world” sensory experiences. Our solutions can be used for entertainment or educational subject matter. Typical venues include location-based entertainment, visitors’ centers, tourist attractions, museums and shopping malls. The system can either use an existing hall structure or auditorium similar to a conventional cinema with from eight to 200 seats, or Simnoa provides prefabricated theater structures. Simnoa theaters and systems are relatively affordable, provide quick ROI, and generate high guest satisfaction ratings.



Our Team

Amos Yardeni

Amos Yardeni, Founder & President

Amos Yardeni, an Israeli Aircraft Industries veteran with over 30 years of experience in the field of aeronautics, founded Simnoa Technolgies in 1999. Mr. Yardeni led the prototype Israeli Aircraft Industries development center, which manufactured numerous airborne vehicle prototypes and flight simulators, including the prestigious Lavi fighter aircraft. Since leaving the Israeli Aircraft Industries, Mr. Yardeni headed numerous projects involving motion simulation and multi-sensory complex development, planning and design, before founding Simnoa.

Assi Yardeni

Assi Yardeni, CEO

Since joining Simnoa in 2004, Mr. Yardeni has carried out a several managerial roles in the company in the areas of the Business Development, Sales and Marketing and General Management. Since 2008, under his leadership Simnoa established a simulated 7D Max network that operates in various countries around the world. Prior to joining Simnoa, from 1997 he was CEO of Adar Software, a privately-owned IT company that specialized in databases and ASP applications. Among Adar’s clients were leading public institutions and high tech companies such as Israel Aircraft Industries, ECI Telecom and Sheba Hospital. Mr. Yardeni holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration (magna cum laude) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Valentyn Charnyk

Valentyn Charnyk, Technical Manager

Mr. Charnyk joined Simnoa in 2005. He is responsible for all technical and mechanical aspects of Simnoa's projects, as well as the actual 4D cinema project installations at Simnoa’s clients around the world and is highly experienced in his field. He holds an M.Sc in electronics and automation from the Termopol Technical University in Ukraine.